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lost a little weight
we're all mad here
but these migraines/sinus pain & pressure are really killing me. according to the doctors scales I've lost 4 pounds in the last month. nothing to brag about but at least it's something. my shrink upped my antianxiety meds from .5mg 2x a day to 1mg 3x a day so my main goal right now is just staying conscious. I'm also taking Topamax 100mg 3x a day instaed of 200mg at bedtime to try to help with the headavhes. In a few minutes I will be doing some ab and back stregtheners and yoga, and maybe some gentle lowimpact aeobic nothing to strenous. still having trouble eating which is the only thing keeping me from gaing weight.I go see a neurologist at the end of June and hopefyully he can figure out the causes of these never ending head pains.trying really hard not to get overly discouraged about my weight and fat but it's getting harder. I miss being a normal weight and it is depresing.

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You aren't as heavy as you seem to think you are, but I can understand wanting a different body; however, you've got more important things than weight to worry about. Focus on your health and come back to the pounds later.

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