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today seems to be going better pain wise
cat and mouse
 emotionally I'm a bit of a wreck. too many thoughts that i just don't feel like caring about. The worst part of gastritis is I HAVE to eat or I get violently sick (horrible shaking, nausea, twitching, fatique, headaches, and vomiting). so I'm trying to eat as little as possible. Today or tomorrow I'm going to attempt yoga, nothing to strenuous, aftr sitting on  my fat ass for over 2 months in recovery I need to ease into exercise unfortunately My weight is driving me crazy, plus I'm so out of shape it's all fat.Especially my abs where they made the 4 ugly incisions. so here's the deal:

1) keep track of everything I eat on fitday (I customize almost all my foods so I know they're right)
2) drink lots of green tea (supposed to boost your metabolism)
3) do 45 min of yoga (strength and stretcing) and my physical therapy for my back and abs
4) do 8-10reps of lunges, squats, wall push-ups, and tricep dips to start getting some strenth back
5) add cardio when I'm ready(hopefully in a week or two, even 15-30 min would make me happy.
6) eat lowcal, lowfat (I have to b/c of the surgery) and moderate protein foods.
7) DO NOT PIG OUT AT BF'S HOUSE (that's a biggie)
8) cut down on cigs (I was at 1 ans 1/2 to 2 packs a day as  of last week, I've managed to cut down to 19 cigs a day. I can't wear the patch b/c it makes me nausous and the gum sends my gastritis through the rough so I have to do this all on my own.)
so yeah, that's a long enough post. I feel better so i feel like i should start making changes.. 

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Take it slow! It'll come back to you =)

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