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ARGh! i hate med changes
we're all mad here
i was doingso well, then my shrink put me on seroquel XR and betwen that and thanks fucking giving I've gained 5 pounds, in like a week. i know it's probably water weight butit still pisses me off. plus my parents are constantly trying to shove food down m throat and my cat passed away so i really don't feel much like eating. he was 16 and a half and hewas the only thing that made tis place bareable. It happened almost 2 weeks ago and i'm still not anywhere near getting over it. I'm purging again. not constantly but 3 times in the last two weeks, maybe more than 3 times. i don't know. it could be the grief and it's my only way to cope or it could just be me. i'm just so tired of being fat and everyone shoving food at me and me not having the willpower to just say FUCK NO and LEAVE ME ALONE! I had breakfast (~180ccal) and i'm not eating again till my parents force dinner on me, then just a tiny serving of whatever they're having. I have a lot of studying to do but right now i need to exercise like mad. I'm thinking aerobics, power yoga, and elliptical. I'd like to be done by 11:30 so we'll ssee how that goes. just very frustrated.

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