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hate my myself!
we're all mad here
gained a TON of weight over my period and am desperately trying to lose it as fast as possible. as of yesterday i was down a pound and a half. hopefully i can lose another pound today. it is absolutely digusting. and i am sick of it. nothing i do seems to work and i feel like i am losing my damn mind over this shit. i hate how easy it is to gain the weight and how fucking hard it is to lose it especially when you have people constantly looking over your shoulder watching and hawking after every bite of food you eat. i miss living alone. so  much easier back then. i could do what i wanted when i wanted and no one was there to tell me no. now all eyes are on me and i'm still ffucking fat. they can worry when i get down to 100 pounds but while i'm still in the 140s they need to back the fuck off.

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Omg congrats! I've been so focused on everything else that I've not really been paying too much attention to my weight, but I probably haven't lost too much quite yet. That is all going to change.

I love how this change starts right before the holidays :P

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